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Version: 2.2

Install CODE & DRAW locally to run with the Community

This tutorial guides you through the setup to code your own bricks locally & execute them with the Community projects, soft-coded bricks & Orchestrator.
Which means that while the coded bricks will execute locally, the projects & soft-coded bricks come from the Community.
You can collaborate freely with other Community DRAW users. Updated soft-coded bricks will be updated in realtime just like if you were logged into the DRAW Community online instance. Your coded bricks though, will remain local. The Community will serve the content, i.e. projects & soft-coded bricks (the code as data)

Runs on your local machineRuns on the Community
webpack serverRabbitMQ
CODENeo4J graph database

Local Install

Prerequisites for installing Olympe

You will need to have the following installed:

  • Node.js 14.13.1 or greater
  • Note: while npm is also needed, it comes directly whenever Node.js is installed
  • Your favorite IDE e.g. Visual Studio Code

Install & run the platform

We will install Olympe inside a folder named "olympe"

Install Olympe

Open a Terminal window and run the following command in a folder of your choice. It will create an "olympe" folder there and install Olympe inside it

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSl"
cd olympe

Launch DRAW

npm run serve

Start composing with DRAW

  • In your browser, open this url http://localhost:8888/
  • Authenticate with your Community credentials
  • See that your Community projects are present

To stop the server

The server will run as long as the Terminal window remains open.
If you close it, the server stops.
Restart it with the "npm run serve" command.

That's all!
You can now take a look at our guides and tutorials, and start building a first app and add a first coded function.

Updating your setup after a new Olympe release

When a new release occurs, your package.json file also needs to be updated. The goal is to have you local setup properly in synch with the online Community.

For instance, when release 2.2.2 was out, the following changes had to be made to the package.json file to update the olympe dependencies.json file:

@olympeio/draw: 2.2.2,
@olympeio/runtime-web: 9.2.1,
@olympeio/runtime-node: 9.2.1,
@olympeio/core: 2.2.3

Fetch these package.json dependencies info automatically

  • Simply generate a new project from scratch inside a different folder using this same tutorial mentioned above
  • Copy-paste the package.json to get the lastest versions of the dependencies.
  • Then, don't forget to run npm install in your project.